My 10 Powerful Steps To Pass Exams | How To Pass Medical Exams !

My 10 Powerful Steps To Pass Exams | How To Pass Medical Exams

Today I filmed My 10 Powerful Strategies To Pass Exams | How To Pass Medical Exams. I studied 6, 5 years in medical schooI and these are my strategies which made me pass every single one of them ! I graduated a few years ago and worked in specialty training in the psychiatry ward. So now I figured these strategies might help some of guys who are having exams coming up. These 10 steps helped me along my journey and I hope this will also be helpful to you guys! Please drop me any kind of questions you have down in the comment section and I am more than happy to answer them for you . I loved filming this today for you ! I hope you guys enjoy this video! l love chatting with you guys ! I will respond to every comment! Thank you for watching!! XOXO Maya

Here are the 10 steps:

  1. Schedule your time up until the exam. Calculate the time you need for each chapter/book and the amount of hours you are able to study.

2. Cancel invitations, tell your friends and family that you need to focus for about a certain time. So that you can relax and start studying without the feeling of missing out.

3. Find the place where you feel comfortable studying. For example your home, the library or switch up between both..

4. Join study groupy or find a friend to study with. Set dates on which to meet up and check  up on each others knowledge.

5. Got to bed early ( I suggest between 9.00 – 10.00 pm), eat healthy (vegetrian or vegan) and workout. Find a way to focus on your body instead of your brain. Go for a walk, go to a dance class or do the sport you are into.

6. Read the details in your chapters , mark and underline important sentences. Make notes and sum up a chapter into one page of notes.

7. Make cards to help you memorise information or text you need to learn by heart.

8. 2 weeks before the exam just repeat the content with the notes you ve written down. Don’t learn an new information.

9. Make breaks, reward yourself with certain activities or things. Make sure to reward yourself at least twice a week with things that you enjoy.

10. In the last two weeks before the exam, exercise , repeat and relax! Stress and tension will hold you back and frustrate you even more.

Good luck on your exam! You are going to pass!!


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